Linda Pawlik, Previously Linda Pawlik Picardo

Linda Pawlik Picardo

Linda Pawlik, Previously Linda Pawlik Picardo

Linda Pawlik, previously Linda Pawlik Picardo, is an actress that was featured in films and television series for almost two decades, largely throughout the late 1970s to mid-1980s. Under the stage name Linda Lawrence, she has acted in work that includes Death Dimension, The Last Word, Starsky and Hutch, Young Guy Christian, The Incredible Hulk television series, and Brothers. Currently, Picardo works as a day trader, honing her craft by establishing a strong foundational understanding of industry trends and best practices.

In addition to her features in television and movies, Picardo has a myriad of hobbies that she participates in in her free time. For example, her passion for design and construction has led to her developing contracting skills and completing a variety of renovation work over the years. Linda Pawlik, previously Linda Pawlik Picardo’s love for home improvement stems from her appreciation of the details. A keen eye ensures that she can spot even the most minute issues and address them accordingly. This allows her to contribute to a space that is both visually stunning and functional. Picardo also keeps up with renovation trends to stay up to date on how to produce the best results. She recognizes that many tried-and true methods and principles remain unchanged, but there will always be new and more efficient ways to handle certain builds. This is one of Linda Pawlik’s favorite parts about contracting work- in a job as old as time there will still be changes in the industry based on growing trends, preferences, and safety. In her time as a contractor, she has completed both large and small projects and has a vested interest in jobs that allow her to get creative with the overall look and flow of a space. Design is one of her true passions and giving a space new life via personal touches and unparalleled attention to detail is one of her specialties.

 Linda Pawlik, previously Linda Pawlik Picardo, uses her keen eye for details in some of her other interests as well. For example, she loves to make custom jewelry pieces for clients and enjoys the juxtaposition of small works of art and her larger construction and design projects. To her, there is a feeling of satisfaction projects and crafts provide that cannot be easily achieved through other means. When a client sees the result of her work, the reactions they have serve to remind her exactly why she has stuck with these interests over the years. It may be fun to draft, design, and construct pieces, but one of the most fulfilling parts is witnessing how excited people are to jewelry that she worked hard to complete for them.  She also loves to remain active in the crafting community, as she sees great value in sharing tips, DIY hacks, and examples of some of her favorite projects with other jewelry makers and sellers.

In the current landscape, there is an inherent need for citizens to identify what causes drive them and find ways to participate when possible. Activism remains an important facet of Linda Pawlik’s life, and her commitment to causes only grows over time. Linda is an immense supporter of veterans and is a consistent contributor to organizations that ensure their well being and security. She acknowledges that soldiers have laid down their lives for our country, but sometimes do not receive care and resources that they so desperately need after they make the transition to civilian life. To this point, she makes sure to support organizations that provide physical resources to veterans, as she notes that many of them need continued care after serving. Linda Pawlik, previously Linda Pawlik Picardo, is also a continued supporter of organizations that are dedicated to the mental wellbeing of our country’s veterans as well. Unfortunately, mental health can be a facet of our wellbeing that is sorely looked over and many veterans can feel as though they are stigmatized for reaching out for help. While this is an issue that will take the concerted efforts of institutional changes to fully rectify, veteran organizations are doing whatever they can to ensure veterans feel supported through their endeavors.

When Linda Pawlik is just relaxing, she enjoys spending time with her pets at home. Picardo has several pets and loves her parrot, two Pomeranians, four cats, and tortoise dearly. Her love of animals paved the way for animal activism work because, as a loving pet owner, it can be difficult to reconcile the fact that there are animals out there without loving homes and access to things all of the things that they need. Organizations that help animals find loving homes are of interest to Linda Pawlik, largely because securing a place to live outside a shelter or the streets is one of the first steps towards a long and healthy life. Picardo has a one tri-pod cat that has taught her quite a bit about what it means to care for animals that are just a little different from others. She acknowledges that, in some instances, animals have even more disadvantages and health concerns that need to be addressed to maintain a high quality of life. Because of this, Linda Pawlik also has an interest in activism that shows differently abled animals are just as adoptable as valid as their counterparts. Organizations that donate their time and energy to providing resources for these animals often need our support due to their growing list of vet expenses.

Linda Pawlik, previously Linda Pawlik Picardo’s, long list of hobbies and causes represent her zest for life and interest in developing a wide array of skills in her free time. As a result of all of the work that she has done over the years, she acknowledges that she has learned some information that may be helpful for individuals that are just starting new hobbies or realizing what they stand for in the present. This website will serve as a resource for those individuals, providing tips, tricks, and general knowledge that Linda Pawlik has accumulated over her time spent diversifying her interests.