Linda Pawlik Picardo Discusses Design Trends For 2020

Linda Pawlik Picardo

Since the start of the pandemic in March, many people have taken on home redesign projects as a way to both stay busy inside and update their home’s look. Linda Pawlik Picardo has been a fan of design and renovation since childhood and, over the years, has helped a great number of friends and clients update their homes. It is a designer’s job to stay on top of design trends while keeping in mind their client’s tastes during a project. This year, Linda Pawlik Picardo has taken note of 2020’s unique trends and below, will discuss what is “in” and “out” this season.

Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is back in a big way. For the 2020 season, many people are gravitating towards large floral prints with soft, pastel colors. Floral wallpaper is being utilized not only in living and dining rooms but also in half bathrooms. Geometric patterned wallpapers are now on their way out and will be replaced by floral wallpapers this year. 

Non-White Kitchens

For many years, the all-white kitchen was prominently displayed in a variety of home d├ęcor magazines. All-white cabinets matched all white countertops and gave off the feeling of a fresh and clean atmosphere. Designers are now looking for new ways for clients to put more of their personality into their cabinets and kitchens. Colorful cabinets are currently in and give a much-needed pop of color to what used to be bland kitchens!

Curved Sofas

Similar to other trends on this list, designers are now looking for fun and fresh ways to decorate spaces. The curved couch, which originated from the ’60s and ’70s, is back for the 2020 season and here to stay. A living room serves as a meeting space for friends and family and should facilitate conversation and intrigue. A unique shape within a space, such as a curved sofa, can give off a feeling of whimsy and approachability to a room.

Wicker Furniture

Hopefully, you haven’t thrown out all the furniture your parents gave you because wicker furniture has returned for 2020. Wicker furniture’s material gives both a warm and antique feel to any space and works well with boho, modern, and traditional spaces. Mixing materials and colors within a design are essential to giving clients a personalized and finished space. For this reason, wicker’s unique material is the perfect addition to any dining or living room.

Linda Pawlik Picardo
Linda Pawlik Picardo writes about the intersection of art and technology.

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